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The Shallows

The Shallows is the best shark movie since “Jaws”. Unfortunately that’s not saying much. In the first review produced by Movie Monster, I mention the film’s wasted potential, as the film’s lazy writing overshadows its excellent visual storytelling.

In the this review, I offer an alternative version to the film to fix its lackluster script.

Life of Pi

In this review, I explore the meaning behind Pi’s adventures as he struggles to co-exist with a Bengal Tiger.


This review discusses how the copycat effect can give rise to an urban legend that can be used by criminals and gangs to invoke terror in a community.

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Cast Away

As I revisit my favorite film of all time, I explain how the film uses Chuck’s suffering as a medium for the film’s theme of the five stages of grief. After Chuck Noland becomes a castaway on a tropical island, we see him cope with the separation from his wife Kelly.

The Grey

In this analysis I discuss John’s ability to recognize the gift of opportunity after a surprise plane crash forces him to make choices.