The Octopus Adventure

The Octopus Adventure is a book in progress detailing what we can learn from our planet’s wildlife. By building personal connections with the world’s animals through the magic of film, we can learn to appreciate them and conserve their populations.

Using storytelling as a tool, we can build an incentive to conserve our planet’s wildlife by helping people build personal relationships with these animals. Love is a very personal emotion, so every animal will mean something different for everyone.

The Octopus Adventure’s mission is to show people what these animals can teach us and become better people, and, in turn, give us an incentive to help them.

All content produced by MovieMonster will be included in The Octopus Adventure.

Image by CHRISTOPHER JONES from Pixabay

The Origin of the Octopus Adventure

After watching My Octopus Teacher, I discovered that the octopus, with a magnetic independence only rivaled by humans and cats, can show us the importance of respecting your own value. With a life-span of only a year, an octopus has so much to experience in such a short time.

However, since an octopus has one of the smartest brains in the ocean with several unique abilities to boot, no life of an octopus is uneventful. Octopuses have evolved over millions of years to become masters of navigating the hostile open ocean, meaning that it would be foolish for an octopus to undervalue its potential, since it only has a year to live.

I knew that by using the magic of storytelling, we could help people build stronger connections with animals by recognizing the value they have on the world. By using this method, we can use storytelling as a medium for wildlife conservation. When someone learns something meaningful from an animal in a story, they’ll build a personal connection with that animal, giving them an incentive to do their part and help conserve their species.

A lot of people say an octopus is like an alien. But the strange thing is, once you get closer to them, you realize that we’re very similar in a lot of ways.

Craig Foster – My Octopus Teacher (2020)

What Makes the Octopus so Special?

As seen here, octopuses have the intelligence required to use tools, and when paired with the suction cups on their tentacles they can use shells, cans, and other debris as shields.

According to Nicholas Bellono at Harvard University, octopuses also have taste receptors on their tentacles, meaning they can use their suction cups to detect is something may be poisonous to them.

Octopuses also have the ability to change the color and texture of their skin, giving them the capability to match any surface of the ocean.

If all else fails, octopuses can ward off predators by producing ink clouds or with their unique ability to shapeshift. Octopuses can manipulate their bodies to fit through holes the size of a quarter and can even mimic other animals using this ability.

“Tool Using Octopus” by PacificKlaus is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

After exposing myself to amazing films around the world, I knew my purpose in the world would be to expose people to the magic that animals have to offer to us.

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